Whats New This Semester?

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’d like to share some interesting facts about this semester. This semester I’m registered in 4 classes, Hacking and Building, Cinamotography, Philosophy, and Health. According to my professors, these courses are extremely challenging and requires dedicated students who are willing to do… Not just well, but to aim toward a successful semester. This means, think hard, learn hard, and work hard!

My first class began last Thursday, and that will be philosophy. This class is not writing intensive however, due to the fact that we need to discuss topics in class, I’d suggest a lot of beforehand notes. Our first assignment was to listen to a podcast conducted by David Edmonds and Nigel Wardon in “Philosophy Bites”. It is based on the philosophical definition and answering to the question, what is philosophy? Most of what philosophers define philosophy as is as following: thinking clearly and understanding life’s meaning. However, many were unable to give a definition simply because, it is thought of as a difficult question. Based on this podcast I have to now build a definition of what is philosophy? I guess there are no right or wrong answers to this question, because it involves thinking. This is where you have to think hard. I thought and rebuilt a meaning of what philosophy is and came up with this:

   Philosophy is, the theoretical questioning of life based on political and ethical attributes to further our understanding. 

What is your definition of philosophy?

Hacking and Building! Now this is a fun class, but it requires a lot of hands on work. Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing some issues with my class blog registration. That’s a bad start. But I’m looking forward to working on things. Before I continue I must now ask, what is hacking and building? Well most of you who are unfamiliar with CT courses I’ll give you a hint:  we’re not actually breaking or attempting to manage devices and softwares. In this course, we will be learning software coding and endeavor our time to rebuild things based of an original piece but giving credit to its owner. That’s cool huh? How would you like to create something so vibrant that someone else will be inspired by it, that they decide to rebuild on that idea or creation? Well, this is basically what Hacking and Building is and will be about. For the next class meeting, we will need to bring in an electronic that we will be breaking apart…. Hold up. Did she just say “break apart!?” – yep! We will be breaking apart that object to see where it all starts, what it is composed of, how it operates, and in the end… Photogenically document it. Now that’s what I’m taking about. Let’s bring things to life through images and creativity.

Cinematography is another interesting class that I am currently taking. This class deals with film and editing. A great deal of work that I learn in this class is pretty much what I incorporate in my other CT classes. Film, photography, audio, interviews, etc… Now, I’m more of a laid back kind of person around strangers. Especially if it is pertaining film and audio. Interviewing people is not really my specialty but, it’s a bit fun. I remember the previous semester, Fall 2014 I took a class called Sound Productions and in this class, we literally went out of our comfort zone to interview random people practically for every class session. In Cinematography, it involves some interviews but, mostly film and editing. So I’m some-what prepared. I perceive sound editing is considerably effortless yet, proficient. Whereas, in cinematography there are a variety of work which inquires exquisite inspiration… All that’s left for me to say is, “I am absolutely primed for this!

Then there’s Health class. To be more precise, Fitness Health. It’s not my favorite subject to be a part of however, I can see the benefits of it in the future. In fact, I intend to take my training and bring it straight into my own home. My theory is, just because I’m paying for a course doesn’t mean others can’t learn from me. Wait, is that a philosophy? …. I guess it is now. Teaching yourself how to stay fit and eating healthy food is the start of a healthy family. As you learn, you tend to share those teachings with others right? Well… Not exactly everything. But on the things that matters in life, it would be your responsibility to teach others. So for this class, we will be performing a few exams to test our fitness. But first, do you know the components of fitness? Hey it’s ok if you don’t, because I could not recall any at the top of my head although they are simple life activities! How did I not guess?? Moving along, the components of fitness are: strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio respiratory fitness and body composition. OK so let’s break this down:

  1. Strength- Maximum weight a person can lift or move. This is also known as 1 repetition maximum, where you are only able to lift one time. To test your strength, you can try the grip strength test.
  2. Endurance- duration or how many times you can lift the particular weight. For this one, you can try some push-ups and sit-ups. Girls if you’re having a hard time doing push-ups, you can try placing your knees to the ground and push-up your upper body.
  3. Flexibility- bending easily… Without breaking of course. Our joints are where we are flexible most (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hip, knees, ankles etc…) you can try doing a sit and reach test.
  4. Cardio-respiratory Fitness- relating to the action of the heart and lungs.
  5. Body Composition- percentage of fat, bone, water and muscle in human bodies.Based on my thoughts and experiences in this post,  hopefully this was helpful to you. Don’t be afraid to start something new for the first time, you never know where it leads you, unless you give it a shot! And if you’re someone who is use to doing something, go for it! Let nothing get in your way of doing what potentially makes you successful!

Based on my thoughts and experiences in this post, hopefully it was helpful to you. Don’t hold back from doing something new, you will never know where it will lead you unless you give it a try! And if you’re someone who enjoys doing new things, go for it! Don’t let nothing get in your way of potentially being someone successful!