Baby Shower Event Survey

Hey guys! I’m doing a survey about babies for a baby shower, and I have posted a few easy questions. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability in a comment below. I only need ONE answer for each question. Also, keep in mind, that this survey is open to everyone!

Q1. What is one thingĀ a mom-to-be need to pack in her overnight hospital bag?

Q2. What is one thing you need to pack in a diaper bag?

Q3. What is a baby’s first common word?

Q4. Name a common Bible name. (boy)

Q5. Name a common Lullaby.

Q6. Name a popular nursery rhyme


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Event Survey

  1. Hey….so my son is 20 months old. So I vividly remember what is needed. Lol

    #1 ok let’s be honest mom to be bring your own pads, and change of clothes. After giving birth weather it’s natural or c section you will bleed afterwards for a week or so. Rely on your own size and brand of PADS. You know what’s best for you, and bring comfy pajamas you wanna be comfortable while their.

    #2 besides the most obvious which is pack diapers in a diaper bag/wipes. I learned you can never have too many changes of clothes (including under shirts) NEVER LEAVE HOME WITH OUT AT LEAST 2 CHANGES OF CLOTHES…for your child. Always have a snack….or a toy… Sometimes the diaper gets super wet, and makes the pants wet…especially you don’t want your baby in the cold weather in wet clothing. Or baby throws up..gotta change them.

    #3 unfortunately lol baby’s first word is always dada…it’s easy to say. My son’s first word was

    #4 A common bible name is probably Matthew and Malachi

    #5 twinkle twinkle little star

    #6 wheels on the bus, my son’s favorite nursery rhyme

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