Mother’s Day Music Video

Hey Guys!

If you or you know someone who has always wanted to experience taking part in a music video, now’s your chance! Please read the following for further information.

JTProductionz are seeking committed and talented individuals who are willing to play a role for this year’s music video! This video will be directed, edited and produced, starting the first week of February and will be posted on Mother’s Day 2016.

The music video is based on the song “Shoulders” by Christian artists For King and Country.

We are casting 17 actors/actresses between the ages, 8-35 years old. You MUST be available on the days {and or} nights your part(s) are being filmed. Please keep in mind, there will be indoor and outdoor shots so that means, multiple wardrobe changes. In addition, this video is a tribute to all mothers! So if you wish to feature in this video but unable to present yourself for our shoots (due to location and other reasons), you can send us a 5 second video clip your mom and you (siblings) or 1 photo of your mom (with you & or siblings). If you are a mom and wish to do the same, you are also welcome to do so.

Please be reminded, this video will be shared on our YouTube channel and other social media sites.


9 year old boy (CAST)

8 year old boy (CAST)

8-10 year old girl (CAST)

13-16 year old male or female(CAST)

20 year old female (CAST)

23-25 year old female (CAST)

25-35 year old male or female driver (CAST)

Two 27-35 year old male (CAST)

Two 27-35 year old female (CAST)

Three-five (extras) 13-16 year old male or female

Cashier (age: 20+) (CAST)


If you are interested in any of our roles listed above, contact Jessica at 917-530-0770

Don’t forget we will begin shooting the video the first week of February, therefore, we need a response by 1/29/16!

Meeting: TBD


For King & Country





Video Collection- 2016



Congratulations to Takodin!

We are so happy to have celebrated your 80th birthday with you!

Lowered Congress is an event conducted by Tesh Parsotan in the NYC Community.

This semester, Portrait Documentary was all about film and production! It took a lot of time and late nights conducting interviews and long hours of post production. For my final project I had to interview someone from my community.

I met Tesh through a mutual friend and as I began talking to him, I discovered that not only does he work in a mechanic shop at Monkey Wrench, but he also hosts events for Lowered Congress. Lowered Congress is a huge thing for car enthusiasts, where thousands of people come together and share their low rides.

My second Portrait Documentary project is based on the story of Xavier Barfield, an aspiring music composer.


Welcome to Portrait Documentary! This is my first class project, practicing shots with the HMC40 cameras!


On December 1, 2015 Justina celebrated her Sweet 16 with her family and friends! So I compiled a slideshow to entertain her waiting guests… It’s very lengthy, but there were so many precious memories to share!


I’m so happy  to announce that we finally posted our new Mother’s Day video! All the time and effort put into this production has brought us a long way!

I would also like to thank all those who participated in every and any way you did to make this production happen! It bought my mom to tears…

Happy Mother’s Day To You!

Credits to:
For King & Country, “Shoulders”


Wishing my beautiful Queen a Happy Birthday!


Do you remember when Aladdin the Musical premiered on Broadway back in March 20,2014? Well, My cousin Adam and I celebrate our birthdays the same time. My birthday falls on March 20 and his is March 21. So ever since Aladdin came out on Broadway, he has been dreaming to go to one of their showings. Luckily for him, I planned an awesome surprise during Spring Break!

On 1/24/16, I was passing by, on a one way street that the city had failed to plow after having 26.8″ of snow the previous night. Luckily, the sidewalk was clean so I didn’t have to struggle through mountainous snow… Then, i saw ahead of me, a 4×4 approaching the middle of the block and noticed a police vehicle. I thought there was some trouble on the block until I saw 3 police officers struggling to shovel their way out. So I called for backup..

Video Collection-2015





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