My Brother, My Inspiration

This is a photo of my brother. He has inspired me to become the person I am today. There were times I felt there was no need to move on with my life, just and my brother motivated me to do more than I ever did. It’s not a verbal motivation, but more of physical one. The things that he missed out on doing, or gave up on doing, motives me to do my best at everything I do now! In this, I hope to become his inspiration and a great story to tell.

I chose this image because, I want to see what can become of it.



Tell Me More….

Tell me more, I’m listening! I came across this post a while back, but never took the initiative to really start anything. After reading the advice from our CT major students, it helps, prompt me to continue my works. It’s great that they say to keep working at it, even if its not a finished product, still post it. I recall, recently asking my professor about the Reclaim Hosting domain name- is it always free after this? Does it end after the semester ends as well? Luckily, he encourages that I keep my domain and keep posting, after all it’s only $25 yearly! That’s awesome! I really would like to gear my web page into a photo gallery where viewers can visually see my works and what it’s worth, that they would also be interested in my work.

I think the most helpful advice from CT 399 students would be to maintain your domain etc… Without one, whatever I do now will become i existent in the future. And that is something I will not allow to happen. I think procrastination would be the least helpful because, it slows you down. And once that happens, it is hard to pick up your pace. I already do the 1st four advice and I would like to work on the last for, mainly constructing experiments and organizing.

LeoNardo DiCaprio


I am a big believer of teamwork and with teamwork, comes great adventures! I created this poster in photoshop using a teamwork effort image, layering it over a sunset above the ocean and inserting the text: “TEAMWORK: Life’s Greatest Adventure.” Through out my life I have learned to be a team leader and that you should never let your fellow members down. Even when things get rough during the trial, always remember there is no “I” in team. But rather there is togetherness, common goals and great leadership.Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.24.45 AM

Sunset background

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.25.31 AM
Editing and erasing the original background







Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.20.07 AM
Inserting text
teamwork poster
Finished Product!



Baby Shower Event Survey

Hey guys! I’m doing a survey about babies for a baby shower, and I have posted a few easy questions. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability in a comment below. I only need ONE answer for each question. Also, keep in mind, that this survey is open to everyone!

Q1. What is one thing a mom-to-be need to pack in her overnight hospital bag?

Q2. What is one thing you need to pack in a diaper bag?

Q3. What is a baby’s first common word?

Q4. Name a common Bible name. (boy)

Q5. Name a common Lullaby.

Q6. Name a popular nursery rhyme


Where Am I Now?

So far, I have a pretty good start with my webpage. Although, I wish there are more done but the time I get to do it is hardly ever! I would like to keep this page for future purposes in photography. Uploading and sharing my work with viewers so that they can comment and reply on my work. I feel great about my homepage because I’ve created a few simplified options that allows my viewers to understand the purpose of m page. I would really love to create some videos and Gif’s to add on my page that is related to photography. The media is such a broad layout that there are so many things to choose from. What best interests me are, film, music, photography and a lot more that involves media.

Sadly, I haven’t done much since I first created my webpage however, I do have plans to use it. Therefore, I really need to keep up with what I do outside of class to upload and post.



Meshing 2 in 1



For this blog, I have created a GIF combining my brother with Picasso. I took the original photo of my brother and cut out some parts of the image and filled it in with a piece from Picasso. The process in that alone took nearly an entire class time- 2hours.


CAM01127 (1) copy
his is the original photo of my brother in Black & White.

CAM01128 (1) copy
his is the original photo of Picasso.


Progression Works!

CT 101 has opened a wide variety of assignments to choose to work with. It is not a simple task at times, but in the long run it is my very own creation. Out of all works/assignments, there are actually two that interests me the most. The first is Digital Storytelling (animation, GIF, music media etc.) because I love the artwork and idea of complying numerous ideas into one piece. Secondly, I find blog posting quite interesting hence, sharing my thoughts and personal point of view on such topics is one way of expressing myself.

I cannot think of what I am least interested in because there are too many media options to either try or pass. And I have completed them all. No to say I love them all, but they definitely grasp my attention and makes me want to try more. I will say however, that the process of getting assignments done is time consuming. Especially DST, where I must work on a project for hours and it does not come out exactly how I had in mind.

One of the difficulties in this course is trying to really figure out everything on my own. It’s pretty cool and very open allowing me to do as I wish however, there is not much guidelines to creativity which can be both good and bad. Bad because, what if I am stuck for a longer period of time working on a project than anticipated. I guess that is where pacing myself plays the role. At times I attempt to create something and it does not always appear the way I originally planned it to be. For instance, I recently created a GIF based on copyright. However, the image appears almost overly threshold. What can I do to create a clean moving image? Recreate it?

A positive view in this course is measured by the range of  freedom. To elaborate, this course allow students be open minded, productive, moderate, limitless and suffice in their work. I believe originality is key to passing this course.

I have completed over 8 posts, including the following:
Digital Storytelling
Blogs/ Weekly Reflections

As I reviewed my work for CT101, I realize that I have made great progress and I am a big believer in progress. My thing is, if it does not work the first time, keep trying and eventually it will come to pass. It doesn’t have to be perfect, although we do strive for perfection. Your best work is sufficient for the time being. And that was a lesson I learned. When I realize something does not work for me, I try to think of what I need to improve and I go from there. I have improved in my piece however, I really need to polish up my timing. When an assignment is due, I tend to complete it or post it after the due date which throws me off. However, in the end, I know to myself the assignment is completed. I suppose the one thing that motivates me is the idea I put together in my personal webpage. I am not quite pleased to a full extent in the current presentation of my webpage. However, I do intend to progress and advance my management. Therefore, this will be or should I say, this is my motivation. To pursue what I began. Points also play a big role in motivating me to get where I want to be. Hence, I do plan on passing this course and taking what I have learned so that I can apply it to building/hosting my personal webpage.


Do Not Duplicate

What is copyright you may ask? It is defined as, the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same. Or in other words copyright does not protect ideas, and concepts. However, it is legal ownership of the creator who also allows people such as us to use their works. Therefore, copyright is there so that no one can “claim” your original idea is theirs. That brings up another point of originality. Originality comes from the person(s) who put together their ideas to create something extravagant. Therefore, it is simple to take credit in the works of another individual. But think about the after effect. Eventually others will hear or see your work, and not only will they be interested in sharing but also using. Users of the web should possibly think about copyright more often. If it is done wrong, it could cause them some time in jail for taking the original idea to claim it as their own. Fortunately we have access to fair use. Fair use is the act of copying but in the use of comments, critique, or parody of a copyright. In short, you can create a whole new idea using the original. For example, let’s say you really like a song by Imagine Demons and you want to tweak it a little. You decide to add some cool sound effects or maybe create a mash-up. Sounds cool huh? Well guess what? Congratulations you just mixed it to make it your own. You combined your idea with the artist or creator.

Let’s take a look at a locksmith. What does he do? Does he not duplicate the original key? Is that considered copyright? Their profession serves a great service to the community but do they have legal right to copy something original? While some keys are cut legally, others are stamped “Do Not Duplicate.”            dup key

That sounds familiar now doesn’t it? The comparison of copyright has its stamp stating “Do Not Duplicate” abbreviated or symbolized by ©. We see this in our school books, in movies, on a legal document, CDs and DVDs etc.
There are a few great points Larry Lessig made in his TEDTalk video. For instance Lessig states, “The importance of this is not the technique that you see in here.” Furthermore, he continues to say, “The importance is that, that technique has been democratized… These tools of creativity have become tools of speech. It is literacy for this generation.” Before Lessig states this, he presents a few clips that regale his audience. In this he is stating that technology is our new democracy. In everything we do today is done through the internet. We learn technology very quickly and so we are capable to transfer information.