My name is Jessica Thackoordeen and I am a Professional Freelance Photographer in NYC. My passion for photography began in 2013 when a great friend of mine introduced me to freelance photography as a hobby. The second I held the camera in my hands I knew I wanted to pursue photography as my career. Then I attended York College as a Communications Technology major. In this field I was introduced to the multimedia world and it felt perfect. Supplementary to the knowledge I previously had, I was able to build my skills in the Photography, Sound and Cinematography productions.

My work was also inspired by my family who gave me their support 100%. I photographed family occasions and portraits to implement my photography skills. Eventually others began noticing my photography and what started off as a hobby became my profession.

In all of my services, I work very closely with my clients to ensure a sense of comfort and trust. I enjoy working with families and outgoing individuals.